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Camo Backpack –

I was on the hunt for a small backpack I could use as a Bug-out Bag for all my gear when SHTF or just heading into the woods.  I stumbled across on Facebook and could help but start shopping.

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Features at a Glance:

  • Size: 30L
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Made of rugged synthetic nylon material
  • Padded back panel with built-in ventilation channels
  • Multiple compartments
  • Water repellent interior
  • Deluxe features throughout
  • Padded hip belt, fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Product dimension: 46 x 27 x 3 cm


  • Number one Pro is the price. You really cannot beat the price of this pack.  You get the functionality and look of a much more costly product for a fraction of the cost.  For the weekend worrier this is your best value.
  • This pack has pockets inside pockets. You can store and organize a ton of gear in this bag.  This pack also has a hydration bladder section that is separated from the rest of your back.  This lets you put your own hydration system inside this pack and the rest of your gear will stay dry.
  • Just the right capacity for a bug-out bag or day pack. You don’t want to have a pack that is too big or you will fill it.  The more space you have the more gear you will bring.
  • Color options are a real cool feature this product has. For hunting or black


  • The real Con here is that the waist strap is kind of short. It is OK if you have just a tee-shirt on but if you have a bunch of other gear and clothing n the waist strap is a bit to short.  I am just going to add an extra mid-section strap or replace the one side with a longer strap.  The pack is a small to mid-size so proportionally it is OK.

The Bottom Line:

I would purchase this pack again.  It is perfect for what I needed.  The colors options are great, and the size fits my needs.  For a bug-out bag or day pack this is your perfect companion.  If you have a budget for your gear, this is the pack you should consider.

Purchasing items overseas can be intimidating but have their ducks in a row.  I had my product shipped to Canada without any issues.

Check out my Instructable of my Bug-Out Bag and see all the stuff I packed in this nice backpack.  I never head into the woods without it.

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