“I have known Chad and worked with him since I joined Harvistor in November 2011. Chad has been the Product Manager and CAD Technician at Harvistor; a role that requires a broad range of skills. He has excellent communication skills, is extremely organized and goal-oriented, and can multi-task quite effectively. I am usually amazed that he can switch between different tasks so quickly and effectively and I think this has been the key to his success as the Product Manager. As a person, Chad is very friendly and eager to help his colleagues. He was the one who introduced me to the local Ultimate Frisbee league. In summary, Chad has been a great asset to Harvistor and I’m sure he would be a great asset to any other employer. I would hire/work with him without any hesitation.” September 6, 2012

Amir Baserinia, Chief Scientist, Harvistor SA,

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“I approached Chad Lambert in 2009 to help manage a Sales Territory in the South East USA as well as Puerto Rico and Central America. Chad came to me with no formal Sales Manager experience, however, he displayed a strong passion and level of commitment he would provide to obtain my goal if I put him in place. I saw a side to his personality that made him a natural for a sales position. With his strong technical background and great personality, I thought he would be a good fit in a Sales Management role. I brought him on board during the worst time possible – the start of the economic downturn. Chad soon demonstrated his desire to succeed – he displayed his passion for the industry and sacrificed himself to the company – within 1.5 years, we had recovered to a level of sales that was equal to 2008 – which was a strong year for our company. We could not have done it without Chad’s willingness to succeed. If given the chance, I would hire Chad Lambert without any hesitation.” February 10, 2011

Ryan Hoffman,